The Website:

This website is created and written by Amanda Franklin over the course of the spring semester in 2017. It is created for the purpose of educating and empowering parents, teachers, and professionals to use different types of assistive technology to aid their child in communicating. One of the goals of this website is to be inclusive and asset-based wherever possible, if you find that it is not the case, please contact the author.

The Author:

Amanda Franklin is a Senior at Arcadia University in the Early Childhood Education and Special Education dual certification program. She has been working with people who have physical or cognitive disabilities for many years, since she began working at the Adaptive Sports Foundation in her early teen years. She is now about to graduate and is using this website as her capstone project in an attempt to grow and learn about assistive technology and communication aids.


Disclaimer: Images used on this website were found using Google images. The author does not claim to own these images. The only image the author claims is the banner on the home page, feel free to reuse it.