Visual Schedule

Type of Assistive Technology: Low-tech

Level of Ability: The child must be able to understand pictures as symbols or words and their corresponding meaning. The child must also be able to handle the cards or have somebody who can put the cards or arrows in the correct place or order.

How It Works: Cards with symbols and words are printed, laminated, and attached with Velcro to a easily accessible wall mount. The user can go through to find the cards needed to show the process of an activity or convey what they would like to do or where they are on a schedule.

Possible Uses: This piece of technology can be very helpful in reducing frustration throughout a day. By letting the child know on a consistent basis what is going to be done and giving them an opportunity to help build a schedule for the day can significantly reduce frustration. Visual schedules that are fastened with Velcro allow steps that are completed to be put in the proper container to show that that activity is finished.

Notes: This piece of technology can be homemade or purchased. It is easily customized to the child’s needs, can be used in different settings, and is easily used on-the-go. They can be large and fastened to the wall or be small and accompany a picture exchange communication binder.


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