Visual for Taking Turns


Type of Assistive Technology: Low-tech

Level of Ability: The child must be able to understand pictures as symbols or words and their corresponding meaning. The child must also be able to point to or pinch the clothespin that they need to move or indicate.

How It Works: Images are glued to a paint stick and names and pictures are glued to clothespins that can be moved along the paint stick.

Possible Uses: This piece of technology can be very helpful in showing who’s supposed to have a turn and who is up next for a turn. It can be great in the classroom for activities or even at home. It can help to reduce frustration by giving a visual of what is happening now, what is happening next, and gives personal reference to know when it is an individual’s turn.

Notes: This piece of technology is easily homemade. It is easily customized to the child’s needs, can be used in different settings, and is easily used on-the-go. It can use real pictures of the children involved or use cartoon children.


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