Speech Therapy Talking Mirror

Type of Assistive Technology: Electronic device

Level of Ability: The child must be able apply pressure to the button(s) and be able to look in the mirror with or without assistance.

How It Works: Messages can be recorded by someone who is working with the child and the message will be played when the button is pressed. The message can be customized to the needs of the situation. The mirror is used to analyze how the user’s mouth moves when they say certain words or sounds.

Possible Uses: With this piece of technology, the child can press the button to play the message that was prerecorded. Because the message can be customized, the message can be changed from lesson to lesson or session to session in therapy. The use of multiple buttons can allow the child to practice different sounds or words in the same session.

Notes: This technology is commonly used in speech therapy, but can also be used in home and school settings. There are also different kinds of buttons available that may play multiple messages or just one, played by a more accessible button for the user.


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