Type of Assistive Technology: Application/Software

Level of Ability: The child must have access to a phone or tablet that can access the iTunes app store and headphones. The user must be able to understand pictures as symbols and their corresponding meaning or be able to read the cards. The child must also have fine motor control to apply pressure to the screen in order to control the application.

How It Works: Cards with symbols and words are shown on the screen in a very similar fashion to a picture exchange communication system (PECS) binder. The user can go through to find the cards needed to communicate a certain feeling, need, want, etc. There are different pages in the digital PECS binder for different topics. The cards can be arranged and rearranged on the sentence strip at the bottom of the application.

Possible Uses: With this piece of technology, the child or the person they are working with can flip through the digital binder and pull out the pictures. Pages with different topics can be created and added to the digital binder according to the needs of the user. With this piece of technology, the child or the person communicating with the child may point to a card, enabling the child to make choices or communicate understanding.

Notes: This piece of technology is purchased through the iTunes app store. It is easily customized to the child’s needs, can be used in different settings, and is easily used on-the-go. Unlike the PECS binder, the application will not lose its Velcro over time and cards will automatically return to their proper pages.

(PECS IV+ App-Demo)


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