Magnetic Language Board

Type of Assistive Technology: Low-tech

Level of Ability: The child should be able to hold and use a writing utensil or hold and maneuver magnetic numbers and letters.

How It Works: Magnetic letters and numbers can be used on the board to communicate or to practice word building. Some magnetic boards can also be written on with dry erase marker. The ones shown above can be folded up for storage or transportation.

Possible Uses: The person working with the child may use a marker or set of magnetic numbers or letters, then have the child mimic the use of the marker or magnetic characters. With this piece of technology, the person communicating with the child may write or create words and have the child point to their answer, enabling the child to make choices or communicate understanding. Pictures may also be fastened with a magnetic back and used on the board.

Notes: This piece of technology is especially versatile as the means of communication can change from moment to moment and the board can easily be cleaned and reused. This piece of technology is portable and commonly affordable. While similar to a small whiteboard, this should be used specifically used for magnets and limited writing to prevent build up and misuse of the board.


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