Type of Assistive Technology: Electronic device/Software

Level of Ability: This user must have fine motor skills and be able to apply pressure to their desired button. The user must also be able to search and identify the button they would like to press on the device.

How It Works: This device is a speech generating device. Symbols or words can be pressed and played back through the speaker of the device. Unlike many other speech generating devices or applications, NOVA chat has a predictive quality that requires less hits for a desired statement.

Possible Uses: This software can be used throughout the day in multiple settings. The device offers a choice of vocabulary options and is a dedicated device. It is great across different settings.

Notes: This device is easily used for users from emergent readers to literate adults. It is very versatile in that it can used easily from setting to setting. A stand and handle are also built into the design and strap attachments are available for easy transportation. Rigid keyboards are also available for NOVA chat devices.


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