Carousel Button Communicator

carousel communicator

Type of Assistive Technology: Electronic device

Level of Ability: This user must be able to apply pressure to their desired button. The user must also be able to search and identify the button they would like to press on the carousel.

How It Works: This type of switch is able to play seven different messages with 37 seconds available recording time for each button. The unit spins to allow the user to search and find their desired message. The messages for each button can be recorded and rerecorded.

Possible Uses: With this piece of technology, the child is able to respond in different situations with multiple choices for responses, enabling the child to make choices or communicate understanding. Images or writing can be attached into the icon holders on each switch and can easily be changed if the recording needs to be changed.

Notes: This piece of technology is great for the home or a classroom setting. It is not as portable as some other switches, but may be easier than carrying around multiple button switches, as this is one unit. It is also great if your child needs practice for search and find skills while using communication.


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