Whatz-it Color Scale Indicator


Type of Assistive Technology: Low-tech

Level of Ability: The child must be able to understand pictures as symbols and be able to understand the scale (green-good/red-bad). The child must also be able to handle the tiles or have somebody who handle the tiles for them.

How It Works: The tiles can be selected from the board and applied to the sliding scale to communicate the severity of a condition or feeling.

Possible Uses: With this piece of technology, the child can select the tile and place it into the scale in the appropriate place. If the child is unable to handle the tiles, the person working with the child can affirm or negate the choice of tile using  a nod, eye gaze, blinking, or facial expression. The person working with the child can then slide the tile on the scale until the child affirms the placement.

Notes: This piece of technology is easily customized to the child’s needs (different pictures can be used for the tiles), can be used in different settings, and is easily used on-the-go.


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