Eye Gaze Board

Type of Assistive Technology: Low-tech

Level of Ability: The child must be able to understand pictures as symbols or words and their corresponding meaning. The child must also be able to use eye gaze to look at what they are trying to communicate.

How It Works: Eye gaze boards can be homemade or commercially made. By looking at certain areas of the board, the user can communicate understanding, needs, wants, expressions, etc. The person who is communicating with the child must be on the other side of the board as to interpret the child’s eye movements. The board can be as simple as having yes on one side and no on the other or have color corresponding messages, which can increase the number of possible responses for the board.

Possible Uses: With this piece of technology, the board can be customized to be used for many different activities or situations. It can be used for getting affirmation or negation, for basic communication, and more complicated activities, such as vocabulary practice.

Notes: This piece of technology is low cost, easily customized to the child’s needs, can be used in different settings, and easily used by different people who work with the child.


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