Break Cards


Type of Assistive Technology: Low-tech

Level of Ability: The child must be able to understand the meaning behind the cards and be able to handle them in a way agreed upon the child and the person they are working with.

How It Works: Cards are printed and laminated. They can be used at home or in the classroom when frustration levels are high and the child needs a break from the current activity.

Possible Uses: With this piece of technology, the child can indicate the need for a break from whatever activity they are currently engaged in. This can let the child communicate their frustration level and need for a break, which can reduce outbursts or temper tantrums. Cards can be modified with time frames or can have names of activities that the child can do to calm down.

Notes: This material is fantastic for the classroom or at home when an activity the child must complete may cause frustration. It can give the child an alternative to exploding in frustration and give the child a chance to take a break and come back with an improved attitude.


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