Communication Board


Type of Assistive Technology: Low-tech

Level of Ability: The child must be able to either point to an image/phrase or indicate affirmation or negation when an image/phrase is pointed to by another person. The child must be able to understand symbols or be able to read in order to utilize this material.

How It Works: The child would point to previously created statements, phrases, or images to communicate a need, a feeling, a want, etc. If motor range is limited, whomever is working with the child can point to each image and get feedback from the child as affirmation or negation.

Possible Uses: Communication boards can be customized to the child and the situation. Depending on the child’s ability, it can be used as a way of communicating when a child has the ability to understand symbols and meaning behind words enabling the child to make choices or communicate understanding. The complexity of the board can also be increased if necessary, if the user is older.

Notes: Depending on the material the communication board is printed on, the board can easily be cleaned and reused. This piece of technology is highly available and cost effective as you can print it on a sturdier material or laminate it for re-usability, or print a customized one for specific activities or make specific boards for one-time use.


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