Dry Erase Board


Type of Assistive Technology: Low-tech

Level of Ability: The child should be able to hold and use a writing utensil. They must also be able to understand how to write or draw at a basic level (advanced skills are not needed for this method). If this is not the case, if the child can point, then this may still be a viable piece of technology.

How It Works: The child would use a dry erase marker to draw or write on the board to communicate with others.

Possible Uses: With this piece of technology, the child or the person they are working with can write on the board or draw to communicate needs or wants. With this piece of technology, the person communicating with the child may draw pictures or words and have the child point to their answer, enabling the child to make choices or communicate understanding.

Notes: This piece of technology is especially versatile as the means of communication can change from moment to moment and the board can easily be cleaned and reused. This piece of technology is highly available and cost effective.


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